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Inna Kabanova
Пт Янв 7 23:01:31 MSK 2011

Всем привет!

С прошедшими празниками!

С недельным опозданием пересылаю сюда сообщение, которое показалось мне инетересным. Для тех, кто его еще не видел. На рассылку подписалась, будем следить за обновлениями.

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Тема: Working together on Fedora Remixes


Happy new year to everyone in advance.  Nearing the end of 2008,  Fedora
Project introduced a new initiative and a secondary brand, Fedora Remix
for unofficial community variants of Fedora and there has been a
explosion of growth in Fedora Remixes ever since.   Fedora has provided
the tools and made it very easy for anyone in the community to rebrand
Fedora and share it with the rest of the world.   Some of the remixes
have over time become official Fedora Spins as well.  If you are looking
for help on creating a new Fedora Remix or hoping to work together with
maintainers of other Fedora Remixes,  there is a new mailing list for you!

Do sign up and say hi at



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С уважением,
Инна Кабанова / Russian Fedora Team

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